Specialty Patient Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for being a valued client of Total Health Care Pharmacy. We request that you complete the following survey to assist us in the improvement of treatment, care and services.
Q1Please answer the following questions with Strongly agree meaning you were totally satisfied with service to Strongly disagree meaning you were completely unsatisfied. If a question/service does not apply to your situation please choose N/A.
 Strongly  Disagree Somewhat Disagree Neutral Somewhat Agree Strongly Agree N/A          
 My initial contact with Total Health Care Specialty Pharmacy Staff was positive.      
 The staff was courteous and professional.      
 The staff was knowledgeable regarding my disease state and medication(s).      
 My medications were filled accurately.      
 My medications were filled in a timely manner.      
 I was clearly educated regarding medication safety, storage, administration and disposal.      
 The welcome package material was clear and useful.      
 The staff was able to answer all questions concerning my medication(s) and/or therapy to my satisfaction.      
 The pharmacy worked with my physician and insurance to provide coordination of care that met my needs.      
 I understand my individual plan of care/treatment plan.      
 My overall experience with Total Health Care Specialty Pharmacy has exceeded my expectations.      

Thanks for your time.
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